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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON's digital Blood Pressure Monitors use the Oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement that detects your blood's movement through your brachial artery and converts this movement into a digital reading.

Model: HEM-7270
Product DescriptionDetails about OMRON Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7270:Cuff Wrapping GuideCuff has been wrapped correctly.Cuff is incorrectly wrapped. Rewrapped cuff.Blood Pressure Level IndicatorRecent studies* suggest that systolic or diastolic above 135 systolic/ 85 diastolic mmHg ..
Ex Tax:৳88,400.00
Model: Origin
GETWELL FULLY AUTOMATIC BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORBuy Getwell fully automatic blood pressure monitor online in Bangladesh from  This is blood pressure monitor portable digital equipment sphygmomanometer cuff blood pressure meter.Key featuresMeasuring accuracyInflation au..
Ex Tax:৳3,300.00
Model: HEM-7120
QUICK OVERVIEWBeautifully designed, with a focus on simplicity. Recognized with the iF Design Awards 2015Availability of models varies across countries. Please contact our local offices for more information.Omron HEM-7120 Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorModel: HEM-7120Body Movement IndicatorHypertension..
Ex Tax:৳4,600.00
Model: LD-522
 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor price in  BangladeshProduct DescriptionDetail DescriptionUpper Arm Automatic  Digital Blood Pressure MonitorCompact and fluent designCavity design is convenient for cuff placement90 sets of memoriesAverage value for the latest 3 readingsWHO (b..
Ex Tax:৳5,200.00
Model: Wellex AS-35K
 Automatic Digital BP Monitor price in BangladeshProduct DescriptionWellex AS-35K Automatic Digital BP Monitor:Wellex AS-35K Automatic Digital BP Monitor  is an excellent bp monitoring machine which helps in checking blood pressure for each individual at home. This blood pressure mach..
Ex Tax:৳5,900.00
Model: LD-733
 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor price in BangladeshProduct DescriptionScian Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor-LD-733:This Scian convenient, portable blood pressure monitor wraps around the wrist and uses the oscilloscope principle to eas..
Ex Tax:৳3,800.00
Model: iHealth View Wireless Wrist
Brand :                                                        iHealthColor :                       ..
Ex Tax:৳1,200.00
Model: BP-3AR1-3P
Product DescriptionMicrolife is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermometers. The company is also one of the world market leaders in the development and production of medical diagnostic equipment – for use at home and in health facilities. Blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, asthma me..
Ex Tax:৳4,600.00
Model: Bioland Wrist
BIOLAND WRIST BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORBuy Bioland wrist blood pressure monitor with portable comfort cuff online in Bangladesh from This is compact, lightweight wrist monitor provides accurate readings in a convenient size.Key featuresOne button measurementLarge LCD display..
Ex Tax:৳3,000.00
Product DescriptionFeatures:Fully-automatic measurement on the upper armLarge, easy-to-read LCD displayWHO classificationOLED TechnologyAverage calculation: all stored values, Average in the morning of the last 7 days, Average in the evening of the last 7 daysWarns of pos. disterbances of the cardia..
Ex Tax:৳6,100.00
Model: DX – B1
FOLEE DX–B1 DIGITAL BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORMade in GermanyBuy Folee DX–B1 digital blood pressure monitor online in Bangladesh from This blood pressure monitor comes with simple to wrap cuff and includes a large LCD display.Key featuresIrregular heart beat detectionHigh blo..
Ex Tax:৳3,600.00
Model: Rossmax X1
Product DescriptionDetails about Rossmax X1 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:PRODUCT FEATURESCuff DetectionMovement DetectionHypertension Risk IndicationIrregular Heartbeat Detection (IHB)Last Number Memory RecallOne-touch Automatic OperationLatex-Free Patented Common Cone CuffLarge LCD size : 55*63 m..
Ex Tax:৳4,500.00
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