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Oxygen Machine price in BD

 Oxygen Machine  price in BD
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Oxygen Machine price in BD
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  • Model: Folee 9.9 Liter Oxygen Machine
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2. OA Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter
Made in China
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3.PM- 12 Monitor
5 Para
Made in China
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2 In 1
Orgin Ireland
Made China
1 Year Warranty

Folee Oxygen Concentrator 9.9 Liter – Supermartbd

Everyone is asking how many liters?

No one is satisfied with the answer. Read the whole thing. Then don't get confused anymore.

In fact, how many liters, how many liters of oxygen is able to produce in 1 minute. This is called oxygen flow.

And oxygen concentration is the amount of oxygen in the gas produced.

It must have 93% purity, which is completely dependent on oxygen.

And if a normal person is sick or needs oxygen, 60/70/80% should be given at any level.

The price of the 5 liter, medical use is usually higher

Medical use means oxygen concentration 93% .. which is what a serious patient needs.

And the price of 1-6 liters is Rs.

1-6 liters means when you set oxygen flow to 1 liter, its concentration will be 90%. When you set 2 liters, its concentration will be 70%. Thus decreasing.

So when 8 liters is set, its concentration will be 30%.

The difference is here. So never get confused by the question that 5 liters is so much price and others are paying 6 liters less.

What is expensive is giving 5 liters and giving 93%.

So choose the product you need now.


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