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Linde oxygen cylinder Price in Bangladesh

Linde oxygen cylinder Price in Bangladesh
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Linde oxygen cylinder Price in Bangladesh
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We sell Linda Oxygen Cylinders for emergencies all over the country as per the advice of doctors. And is provided free of charge to homes and hospitals,

Price of Linda Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh / Rent of Linda Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh. 

Call to purchase or rent Linda Oxygen Cylinder.

Description of Linda Oxygen Cylinder:

  1. Oxygen flow meter.
  2. Oxygen trolley.
  3. Oxygen cylinder.
  4. Nozzle canola / mask.
  5. Capacity: 1.38 cubic meters.
  6. 2000 liters of pressure oxygen.
  7. Usage time: 1500 minutes at minimum speed.
  8. Free home delivery.

 In Dhaka, we are delivering Linda Oxygen Cylinders at reasonable prices within 1 hour and 24 hours across the country. You can also rent and buy Linda Oxygen Cylinder from us if you want. Patients with corona or respiratory problems can take our service in an emergency.

At present the price of a Linda Oxygen cylinder is 25 thousand Taka in Bangladesh.

 We provide the fastest home delivery. The serviceman will go to the house and Linda will show it by placing the oxygen cylinder. When oxygen is depleted it will be replenished and supplied to your home. You will have to pay the refueling price and delivery charge. We rent Linda Oxygen Cylinders in convenient packages like weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

Linda oxygen cylinder Rent price in Bangladesh.

  1. Linda oxygen cylinder Weekly Rental price : 3500/- Tk in Bangladesh.
  2. Linda oxygen cylinder 15 Days rental price : 4500/- Tk in Bangladesh.
  3. Linda oxygen cylinder Monthly Rental price: 6000/- Tk in Bangladesh.
When purchasing a Linda Oxygen Cylinder, call directly or text your name, mobile number and address. We will deliver Linda Oxygen Cylinder to your home within 1 hour if it is inside Dhaka. And outside Dhaka we will deliver Linda Oxygen Cylinder within 24 hours.

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